Why Bulgaria could be next big eco-tourist destination in Europe.

old-traditional-house-610x343Bulgaria is a beautiful country with much opportunities to offer to whom is enough enterprising and dedicated, here some facts could tempt you to establish an eco-rural tourism business in the Balkan peninsula…


  • While economy crisis still torturing the international market, traveller and visitors are seeking for more affordable accommodations and experiences, this factor would increase positively the appeal for the Bulgarian touristic market on an international scale.
  • Embrace a natural lifestyle is a dream for many people who, coming from a more stressed environment look for a short time holiday in the countryside. Be involved in a touristic business could contribute to your annual income and provide you a future seasonal or permanent work.
  • Many are the beautiful locations to visit and much more are the activities and sports to practice all over the country. Bulgaria is still an unknown market on the main touristic stream, it could be a negative factor in the begin but, on the other hand, more and more are the opportunities for new business in an empty and less competitive market.
  • Least but not last Eco and Rural tourism are an efficient way to create extra value where main business can fail. Tourism provides investments and motivation on preserve environment history and culture while rural Infrastructures are on the small scale, less worrying investments and lower maintaining costly wise.

Bulgaria country side

These key factors are the main motivations about the possible increase of chance for Bulgarian market to become a more influent and attractive market internationally. However, Bulgaria is holding few problems could stop this positive trend and limit its potentiality.

On the next article, we will provide some to the most common issues you will have to face on the Bulgarian market and some possible solutions for your future projects.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

“This year (2016) more than 160.000 tourists from Germany have visited the country where more established touristic destination like Turkey has experienced a drop in demand due to the socio-political issues.”


Republic of Bulgaria National statistical Institute

 Activity of accommodation establishments in June 2016

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 – 11:00

“In June 2016, 2 756 accommodation establishments – hotels, motels, camping sites, mountain chalets and other establishments for short-term accommodation with more than 10 bed-places were functioned in the country. The total number of the rooms in them was 125.8 thousand and the bed-places were 279.5 thousand. In comparison with June 2015 the total number of accommodation establishments (functioned during the period) increased by 0.9% and the bed-places in them – by 3.9%.

The total number of the nights spent in all accommodation establishments registered in June 2016 was 3 583.5 thousand, or by 23.2% more in comparison with the same month of the previous year.

The total revenues from nights spent in June 2016 reached 163.7 million BGN or by 28.6% more compared to June 2015.”


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